Our  Mission

Our Mission

The Organization of Exonerees is an organization made up of men and women that have been Wrongfully Convicted and sent to prison for crimes we did not commit.  

We started this organization out of necessity. There is a lack of resources for INNOCENT individual when we are released from prison. Also, companionship because who else can understand a person that has done years in prison walking around in a place where they had no business being. The mental agony that is attached to that feeling is something that society can’t even began to understand.

Our primary objective is to stand up and advocate for all innocent people to be freed. We have also conquered reentry service’s in an attempt to make that person’s transition back into society as smooth as possible. We work to provide everything from vital documents to bank accounts, access to quality healthcare, mental health services, transportation, financial literacy, access to financial advisers, lodging, and clothing. The system does not provide these services, but we do. 

We speaking to prosecutors nationwide in hopes of convincing them to establish conviction integrity units. We do this because this issue is not a Michigan problem it is a world problem. Every prosecutor’s office in this country has sent an innocent person to prison at some point or another. We speak with law makers and judges as well. Telling our stories in hopes of bringing awareness to people  because they oftentimes don’t understand the severity of the problem.

We speak to law students at Universities across the country that inspire to be lawyers and prosecutor. We give them a first hand knowledge of what can happen when the system gets it wrong. “We are what Criminal Justice Reform looks like”

We have been doing this work for over a year and became a nonprofit 501c3 in March of 2022